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Guide to Using Curve

Here are all of the step sheets for various processes that you might need to do with Curve. This goes over how to add and edit assignments, links, files, cross listing your courses, etc. 
This is a LIVE document so it will be updated in real time! Guide to Using Curve Document
  • Helpful Topics covered include: Adding lessons and items, copying a course or items from another course, embedding videos and online resources, and more!

Flex Credit

Have you taken the flex credits that we have available for Curve? These are On Demand courses and can be taken at your own pace. Sign up through MLP and the Curve Course Catalog! Check out this video on how to access the Curve Course Catalog.
  • Introduction to Curve - 2 hours flex credit - Search for the date 6/1
  • Curve Gradebook 101 - 2 hours flex credit - Search for the date 

We have a new Facebook Group for all things Curve!

We will post step sheets and videos here as well. You can ask questions and the ITCs can help! BCS Curve by Thrivist